Let’s Work Together


At Kind of Genius we like to work on a wide variety of projects from websites to parties to design to large scale business and all that overlaps in between. Typically, we work 70% of the time on our own projects and 30% on outside projects (which come in the form of partnerships and clients). And even though we enjoy working on a large selection of project types, we do have a strong requirement that the project, whether internal or external, match our core philosophies.


How Can We Help?

We love doing projects that have overlapping disciplines and that is what we are best at. We have never really liked doing one skilled service over and over again, which is one of the reasons we started Kind of Genius. With that said, we do feel that we are particularly skilled in a couple of areas which is where we start and end most of our projects.

  • Web Design, Development and Lean Implementation (we typically don’t do heavy builds)
  • Product Design
  • Package Design
  • Party Design, Logistics and Implementation
  • Lifestyle Marketing and Mind & Heart Capturing
  • Web Video Idea Development and Production



Partnerships are the main way that we work on outside projects. We love collaborating with other companies or people to bring a project to life. We truly enjoy lending a helping hand in any way we can. Sometimes we can add the web aspect of a project, other times we can lend an event design eye or maybe your project or product has an overlap with one of our existing projects and we can do mash up of the two (this is our favorite!). In any case, we love working with good people, so almost anything is possible.

Our partnership relationships take on many forms of financial agreements, but since we really only do this type of project with partners and ideas we trust and respect, it is almost always some sort of upside sharing. Whether it be revenue sharing, goodwill splitting or some other form of collaborative deal, we want a scenario where if you do well, we do well.

If you are interested in pursuing a partnership with us, email us using the contact form.



We will also take on a client relationships.  We really enjoy working on client projects where we respect the idea, company and project. It is extremely fun and has proven effective to bring some of our unique talents to a pre-existing company. Sometimes we will take on an entire campaign for our clients and other times we will work on one particular element of a campaign. Either way, we are perfectly comfortable working in this way.

If you are interested in working with Kind of Genius, email us using the contact form.


Start-Up Help

We can’t help but get giddy when we get to work with someone on a passion project or a start-up that they are trying to get off the ground.  Not only do we love the buzz of the beginning of an idea but we also know how hard it is to do, so we like to offer help whenever we can with no strings attached. Whether you just want someone to talk to about it or need a little help on a few design elements – hopefully we can be of some service. We are also in contact with a lot of different people who are working on their own start-ups so maybe we know somebody you can work with.

If you have a passion project or start up that is at it’s beginning phases and want some help, email us using the contact form.