Weight Loss Group-On

Recently I have been helping out a friend who is launching an online/mobile weight loss product. The idea for his product is basically behavior modification, with the system interacting with you at a ‘time of need’. Anyway it’s a great idea, but while I was working on it, I had another  idea.  The basic concept is weight loss meets group deals.

The premise would be quite simple: use peer pressure to help individuals lose weight. Similar to any group deal site, there would be deals that could only be had when a certain threshold is crossed. The difference in this case would be that the threshold would be weight loss. So a group of friends would sign up for the site. They would clarify the amount of weight they would like to lose and then the system would begin to offer them deals. Each deal could only be had if each member of the group lost the required weight for that deal.

So for example, 5 friends sign up for the site and get their first deal which is 50% off clothes at Uniqlo and to ‘tip’ this deal the weight loss requirement is 5 lbs. Once each of the members losses 5 lbs, they get the deal. If all of them do not reach the goal individually, then no one in the group gets the deal. Members of team would have incentive to push each other to make sure that they themselves get the deal. Plus, no one wants be the reason that the group did not get the deal, so members would be motivated themselves. Group motivation for sure.

Now like any weight loss program online, one can game the system. But, if they do they are really gaming themselves, because hopefully they want to lose the weight. And even if they just want the deals, well then, our company still gets the revenue. No losses there.

The idea is up for grabs, so feel free to steal it if you want. If you want help thinking it through or want to partner up to try and launch something like this shoot email me at ben (@) kindofgenius (dot) com.