The 90210 Party

Thursday September 2nd 2010 was not a day marked on most people’s calendars, but for Kind of Genius Media it had been circled since 1995. The day, 9-02-10 or 90210, was the day that we had planned to celebrate the historic Beverly Hills 90210 show and all it had given us with a party for the ages. So as we reached 9 months out, we started a 90210 party blog to document our preparation and journey towards the event.

As the event approached, month after month, the momentum picked up and eventually hit an exponential growth period with more 90210 lovers checking out the blog everyday. We had connected with the crowd we wanted and reached a wider audience than planned, but when the event was only a couple days away, the general public noticed the implications of the day itself and through the power of SEO and engaging culture driven content, the site and the eventual party, ‘blew up’.

Local blogs and online party authorities picked up our blog, flyer and promotional videos and traffic came rushing in causing the servers to crash on more than one occasion. The venue owner also began to feel the positive effects of NYC culture finding our web properties and party details. Calls came in through out the days leading up to the even from agents, studios and local publications wanting to make sure their people could reserve a spot at the party.

The party, 90’s themed with attendees wearing stone wash jeans and over-sized colorful button down shirts, was thrown without a hitch reaching thousands of fans. The night itself was filled with drinks, laughs, memories and a party throwing reputation that we have yet to top (To be Continued…).


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