Single Serve Gourmet Baking Mixes

The Initial Thought that Prompted the Concept

At Kind of Genius we consider ourselves foodies. We however are hesitant to use the word, because the typical ‘foodie’ in our opinion tends to act pretentious and does not appreciate the entire range of foods available. Our definition is simply that we love food – from high end to homemade.

Anyway, as much as we love eating out, we also love cooking up our own creations – from our famous spicy shrimp tacos to our homemade meatloaf to our thyme biscuits (which we smoother in gravy and eat with fried chicken). Eating like this is delicous but also can add to the waist line rather quickly. Plus when we decide to take out the cookie sheets, we always end up cooking for a dozen when there is only one of us around.

But what if we want just one of our margarita cupcakes or a single thyme biscuit? There is no real protocol for a single serving – with our own recipes or anywhere else we could find. So we decided to change that by making single serving pre-packaged baking mixes.


The Concept in Action

We eventually settled on a line that we call Single Sins.  With Single Sins, we turned our favorite recipes from candy shots to savory treats to sweet desserts into a single serving baking mix totally no more than 250 calories and packed them into unique but practical and reusable packing. The baking directions are on each of the individually designed packages and typically call for a touch of diary (butter, milk, cheese or egg).

Check out our recipes at which are now available for sale online and in boutique shops throughout New York City and Boston.