In addition to our own projects, businesses and the Custom Web and Design work we do for our clients, we offer a unique set of services that we feel embodies our best work.


card_smallGet-A-Clue: Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunts

Our “Get-A-Clue” service provides custom designed Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunts all over the country. These are perfect for corporate events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, discovering new neighborhoods and more. With each event, we guide you and your group(s) around a designated area – bar by bar, restaurant by restaurant – through a set of timed clues that you interact with via text messaging, your physical surroundings and the web. Each new clue uncovers a new interesting location for you to visit. Split up into teams and race to the finish line or go as a single group, take it slow and enjoy the process.


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box_small Boxed Launch: 15 Days to Start-Up

We believe that everyone has a minimum of one great idea that deserves to see the light of day, whether that is a custom jewelry design line, a new food product, a web business, or something we have never heard of. When people try to put that idea in to action, it almost always gets snagged at some point between writing it down and launching to the public. That’s sad because we will never know what it could have been. Our Boxed Launch service busts through this period of default by shortening the incubation phase to 15 days. How is that possible? We use our knowledge of inexpensive, fast and quality technologies available to the public and combine that with our start-up know how, design skills, development capabilities and our knack for getting the job done to take you from idea to logo/brand to functional website to commerce capability to working business in just 15 days.


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