Responsible Sins

The trend toward healthier and lighter living started years ago and has done nothing but continue to pick up steam and although we have participated in this movement personally and have had our business follow suit, we have never geared a specific business around this concept. So we decide to start with a simple concept.


The Idea

Everything that we tried that was ‘green’ always had that earthy-granola look and feel (craft paper and courier font) and to us in most cases tasted that way as well. Although this isn’t always bad, we thought that a product in this space could also be sexy. One that could satisfy your natural human temptations while at the same time fulfilling your minds need to be responsible. With this idea in mind, we created Responsible Sins.


The Execution

Responsible Sins is a product a line that features organic ‘sins’ in the form of chocolates, coffees, teas and other sinfully delicious treats. The idea of the product line was to allow people to indulge in their guilty sweet pleasure while still allowing their body and mind to rest assured that were living responsibly. To make this happen we sourced only the best in local and US based organic providers and packaged the goods in containers that could be reused. We highlight the reuses on every package and are documenting creative uses on the website blog. We also ask users to send in a photo of creative reuses and post those as well.


The Products Come in 6 Distinct Lines

Seduction: Organic Chocolates Pieces Filled with Creamy Flavored Insides

Temptation: Organic Whole Coffee Beans

Intrigue: Organic Dried Alcohol Mix

Crave: Organic Loose Leaf Teas

Desire: Organic Chocolates Covered Treats

Entice: Organic Hot Chocolates with added Organic Flavors