Recipe Royalty

Only One Recipe For Each Dish

The goal of is to simplify the process of finding the right recipe to cook. That’s why we have only ONE RECIPE for each dish. To find thatSingle Best recipe for the dish, we use our two part system.

PART ONE: The Community Nominates

In order for a recipe to become the best it has to first challenge a current King Recipe. Then it has 30 days to garner 1,000 loves from the community. Our community has been known to have above average taste buds that are quite picky, so love really means something. But, we don’t leave our recipes up to loves alone – that is only part 1.

PART TWO: Blind Taste Tested By Experts

If a Recipe receives 1,000 loves in 30 days, it is automatically entered into a blind taste test with the King Recipe it challenged. Each recipe is cooked exactly as written and they go head to head. The judges – trained chefs and food critiques – decide who is really the BEST. The losing recipe is banished and the winner becomes the King.


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