Engagment W/O the Ring

Kind of Genius Media strives to engage urban 20 and 30 somethings through cultural poignant initiatives with a spin. All of our projects which range from web sites to clothing brands to innovative products to pop-up parties are founded in our fascination with what we see as current unspoken culture.  We then filter the concept through our teams lens’ on life, creating something entirely unique that we truly love.

Each initiative is designed & executed with a 4-prong hierarchical approach.

1. The project must pass the ‘basement test’. Would we do the project, alone, in our basement if we knew it would never gain any visibility or monetary gain.

2. The project must captivate at an emotional level. The unique angle on the project we take must tap into an emotional feeling that a peer with similar tastes to ours will unconsciously love without knowing why.

3. The project must ‘give them something to talk about’. Each project should give the user an irresistible story that they can tell others. We want to make a user feel happy that they could be the one to pass the knowledge of the project along to friends.

4. And, last and usually least, we try to create projects that keep us eating and drinking well. Money isn’t everything but it is something, so most of our projects have a revenue stream built in. We like those streams to be fair, so we typically design them to have mutually beneficial incentives.