“Frusteration is the mother of all innovation?” Is that how the saying goes?

BoredBox is a place where your most important personal links will never get lost. A place where they can easily be filtered, searched and found. Where each link is categorized and tagged so they can later be re-sent, read, watched and listened to at the moment you are ready. You can think of it as a combination of Dropbox, Email, Twitter and Pinterest.

Send your boyfriend that new song you’ve been raving about, that economics article your dad will love, and filter to find all those funny videos your best friends send you.  Keep your important links right where you need them.

BoredBox was born from a common frustration, which I am sure has happened to you.

You are working away when you are sent a link through email or chat. It’s from a good friend or a family member so you know it’s probably worth a read, but you don’t have the time right then. So you open it in a tab to read later. It sits in your browser cluttering your life for a week and a half before you eventually get tired of seeing too many tabs open and close them all in a huff – never having read it. The email is marked read and the link is forever lost in your inbox abyss.

Of course there is bookmarking but it’s really for frequently visited sites and there is no easy way to find your links after. Email is overcrowded, social media sites are public facing and gChat, Skype and AIM chats…well, who knows where saved IM’s go. There was nothing specific enough out there to scratch this itch.

So like we said – “Frusteration gave birth to BoredBox!”

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