Life Style Brand

Products that We Live

Spending almost everyday in New York City for years, we have immersed ourselves into the culture, flow and vibe of the City. And as is well noted, we have noticed that creativity reins supreme. You can see it at every turn from the graffiti to the stickers to the cafes to shoes people are wearing. There is however another underlying characteristic that we think maybe even more pervasive in the city and that is what we designed our lifestyle brand around.

That less talked about element is ingenuity. ¬†There is so little room here and so many people that space, dollars and just about everything else is at a premium. Because of these factors people use the environment around them in unique ways to achieve their goals. Barbecues¬†pop up on fire escapes, sidewalks are used as canvases and homemade gourmet meals are eaten at desks with plastic forks out of tupperware. People here get what they desire – even if they can’t afford it – and we call the people who work their surroundings like this “Urban Pioneers” .

Everything that our brand does is in this urban pioneering spirit from our marketing to our parties, to our clothing, to our food products, to our beverages. And our goal is to listen to others in NYC and try to collaborate to bring things that seem a little too hard to do in this urban of environment to reality.

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