Get-A-Clue Scavenger Hunt Bar Crawl

Fun – particularly in the form of nightlife – has always been an area that KOG has enjoyed and we think excel at. At the same time, we have taken note of the trend in ‘game-ifi-cation’ of just about everything. We understand the concept of the trend well and can internalize why it is so engaging to interact with anything in a game like atmosphere. For one, it creates a little competition and for most us that went out the door when high school sports ended. We however, felt that the trend was too entrenched online and was removing people from the types of real world interactions that truly create happiness. So, as we planned our next project, we wanted to take on the ‘gamification’ trend and move it to an offline atmosphere with a little mobile/online touch.


To accomplish this, we created ‘The Amazing Chase: A Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt’. The traveling party worked like this:


Party goers were split into teams of 3-5. They were told that they would be visiting 10 bars each and that the team that reached the final bar first was the winner. Each team was then handed a clue. The clues, which were presented in many different formats from word puzzles to movie trivia to geography hints, gave the teams the cryptic answer to which bar they needed to go to next. When they arrived at the bar from the clue, they were required to take a picture of their entire team having a drink at the bar. After they texted or emailed the picture to us, the bar was confirmed and they were given their next clue. Sometimes KOG members were at the bars in person to hand out the clues, other times we created deals with the bars to hand out the clues for us and some times we emailed or texted the clues back to them. Teams followed this format and crisscrossed across New York City’s East Village, some times running into each other but never having the same clue at the same time.


All teams received the same final clue and as the teams arrived at the final destination, they did not know which place they were finishing. The surprised look on each teams face was all the knowledge we needed that they were having a great time, but teams were excited regardless of the place they finished when they saw that there was a party waiting for them with the rest of the teams who had already arrived.


All in all the party was a great success as calculated by smiles, laughs and comments as teams arrived at the party. We knew it intuitively, but the party gave us a valuable case study proving to ourselves that online – offline integration can really increase the value of gamification and we are excited to try some more intricate applications of it in the future.  To learn more about our Get-A-Clue: Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt Service – click here >>


Check out some the comments we heard and pictures we were sent:

“This was the most fun I have had in a really long time! Solving the clues was soo fun!” ~ Lauren S., ‘Team Juana Man’

“I passed a friend on the street that was on another team and didn’t say word, cause I didn’t want to give away a clue. I had my serious game face on.” ~ Pat O., ‘Team Melancholy’

“Solving the puzzles with my team was amazing. We must have laughed a thousand times on wrongly talking through each clue.” ~ Kate C., ‘Team Elephantitis’

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For more information on our Get-A-Clue: Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt Service – click here >>