Boxed Launch


Go from Idea to Functional Business in 15 Days

Most businesses get bogged down before they even see the light of day. Whether it is the inability to find the perfect look for the logo or the seemingly impossible task of knowing where to begin and what to concentrate on or the hardship in finding the means of manufacturing – it is very tough to get it to “go.” Our Boxed Launch service is specifically geared to breaking through the typical stopping points in the start up phase of any business.


By limiting the start up phase to 15 days, we can quickly eliminate all but the most important aspects of the business. This allows us to concentrate on the most crucial items. We combine the benefits of the short timetable with our knowledge of inexpensive, fast, quality technology tools – our design and development capabilities – and our years of experiences launching or own and other small businesses – to give you a beautiful working business in just two weeks.


Although each business is different and we will use a unique mix of technologies and skills to help create each of them, there are common threads that typically show up. Most businesses include one or more of the following elements, which we have mastered quick and quality implementation of. Tell us a little about your idea >>



The ability to process and accept payment is crucial for almost all businesses, whether a service, product or otherwise. We understand the importance of this and have knowledge of dozens of different ways for your business to take payment. This ranges from ecommerce technologies to physical credit card swipers to invoicing technologies.


Product Design and Websites

Regardless of the product or service  you are creating, you have to have a professional looking appearance. This usually starts with your product and leads to your website and other properties. We have literally designed and produced hundreds of products and websites, so we know what makes a business look professional.



Before you can launch your business, you have to know how you are going to produce the good or service  you are selling and how you will get into the hands of your customer. Often this is the most difficult part of starting a business. Through our connections with manufacturers, our extensive knowledge in this area, and a little creativity, we can develop a short, medium, and long term fulfillment process to cost effectively manufacture and deliver your good or service to your customer.


Social Media and Marketing

Now more than ever, there is a plethora of inexpensive and free ways to get the word about your business out to the public. But even though many of these areas are free or cheap, having the right strategy and tools to make the best use of them is crucial so that you do not waste valuable time and money. We will help find and set up the best of these tools for your particular business and create the mediums with professional branding. In addition we will create a strategy plan and introduce you to aggregate management tools that will help you understand and use the mediums to the best of their ability.


Tracking and Analytics

The thought of tracking your users and analyzing there movements may seem creepy or out of your league, but with some of the free tools available today, it is accesible and understandable for everyone. We will install these technologies and teach you to use them, so that you can see what people enjoy about your good or service and what may need improvement.


And Much Much More…

The tools and strategies for different business opportunities are unending. Having the ability to know what to use and when is an art that we have picked up only after many years and many many projects. Let us help bring your business from idea to legitimate business in just 15 days.  Contact us for more details >>