Meet the Misfits

Prior to Kind of Genius, members of our team were making great livings at traditionally good jobs, but we are all Generation Y’ers, so doing high paid work was not going to cut it if we did not love what we were working on as well.

So without any intention of starting a company, we embarked on many small projects, most of which were to let our creativity and ideas out and others just to make each other laugh. Luckily for us, as time went on, many of the projects developed a following and subsequent revenue and we were off to the races.

While some of our original projects have come and gone (not everybody has similar tastes), others live on.  We can’t help but to constantly generate new projects, all built on the do what you love and have fun mentality.




Founder, Idea Guy & Chx Fanatic

Ben’s specialty is in developing & architecting ideas.  He has a broad skill set that he uses to advance projects. It includes web design & development, event planning, product design & business modeling.

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Content, Statistician & OJ Lover

Nathan has an eye for trend spotting which he combines with his psychology degrees and his statistical knowledge to help form concepts and actionable plans for our projects. He also specializes in creating a unique offline experience.






Content, Strategy & Early Riser

Malcolm has a way with words, especially when expressed in the form of music. Along with being our lead musican, his web video skills makes him our production lead.





Marketing & Seamless Web Junkie

Zach is our marketing and content expert. His writing ability and marketing savvy have manifested in a series of very successful campaigns and has allowed him to publish a book & earned him a spot teaching courses.